Who Am I?

Who Am I?……


I am an Intuitive-Empath for as far back as I can remember. I have always been a lone practitioner, a researcher in the spiritual realms. My practices are part-traditional and part intuitive channeling.
I have a special interest in human nature and in the beginning of all that was, and all that is, now. The one I call my heavenly Father is “The Lord God” and/or “The Christ, Jesus”. Whatever name we call him, or her, (and he is known by many). Hopefully we develop & fortify our strength and commitment to whoever our “higher power” is.
It is by his sacrifices, our love for him and our fellow man that Miracles are possible.
It is this bond between God and all his children that allows Miracles to manifest on Earth.
Love heals all ills, if you let it.

I would like to share with others the true fact that Miracles are REAL, they happen everyday, everywhereto anyone.  I have been fortunate to witness miracles. I also have been fortunate to have my prayers for a miracle answered.
All the accounts of Miracles that I share in this journal are absolutely TRUE!
It has come time to share my experiences so that others may know……..

   “anything is possible when working with Love through our Lord”

All that I write comes from my heart. I do not follow reference books or other people’s ideas, unless I give credit where it is due. What I offer here is a flowing output of love and truth. I’d like to tell of my personal experiences with Miracles that began in my childhood. Also of the strange “spiritual gifts”  I’ve  experienced throughout my life.

My only hope is that I will be able to reach those persons who are in need of boosting their faith.  Or, those who are destitude, depressed, loveless, or lonely………                                 LISTEN HERE!…….you don’t have to live that way. God loves all with open arms. If  you have accepted  Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior… well then….. your first Miracle has already begun.



Please , don’t be shy to comment and also to share your own stories……..


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