Miracles Are God’s Way of Restoring Faith To Mankind


“Message from Spirit….”

“Think of the worse, most hopeless problem in your life today. Then… through unquestionable faith, profound trust, and with soul deep, pure love for your God……. PRAY!”

“Pray unselfishly for the courage to hold on. Pray for a break in the storm so you can re-coup your energy and regain your clear thinking without clamity’s  immense pressure crushing you.  Retire to your “quiet place” the place you go to meditate, pray, and create “communion with the Lord”.”


 I have created a holy shine in my room, a place of quiet renewal and communion . I used an empty TV cabinet. Then I arranged my holy items and spiritual icons inside the shelf areas.  I can close the door on the cabinet to allow for privacy when I am not meditating or praying. It looks wonderful. This was furniture I already had so it cost be no expense.)

 Start to visualize your problem when you are in the depths of your meditation session. During your session, Think of the circumstances surrounding your problem – think what needs to happen before this problem can be resolved – concentrate on all the persons involved, all elements of the situation should be visualized with great detail. See in your mind’s eye the people involved and surround all images with calm, peaceful energy.  Now visualize the solution to the problem and see in your mind’s eye the problem resolving itself. See that at the end of this affair, you are no worse off, and everything falls into place. There may be no rhyme or reason to the answer but in time you will realize it’s beauty. 

After you feel you have finished your session, go to any window in this room. Stand in front of the window, and visually create a long pipeline from your sacred space up to the heavens to the throne of God. Say something like: “My dear Lord. I am too weak and exhausted to come to a just solution for my problem”. While you say this, you swirl one hand around  your head slowly and carefully. Your hand captures all the negative thoughts (energy)in and around your head chakra.  This negitive energy comes from all the stress and emotional pain suffered,  it is connected to your  emotions, feelings and visual cues of the problem. Unconsciously you have been “Feeding your problem”.  Hold the energy of the  problem in both your hands, roll this energy in both hands until you’ve compressed it  into a ball (any size you want). Now look out the window at the heavens, and THROW it out the window high up to the heavens and say:  “My dear Lord, I have exhausted my self with this terrible problem”, “Please help me Sweet Jesus,”  “I have made this negitive energy ball and bound it together,  I am throwing it high up into the heavens, where you, I hope, my dear Lord, will dissipate this formed ball where no one can be harmed by it”. For the Lord has said. “if you need me all you have to do  is knock on my door”‘ and I shall answer you and bring you into my shelter of unconditional love and peace. It’s very important to imprint on yourself that you have given this problem to the Lord. You have cast it into the universe. You do not own this problem anymore, God does. The problem still exists temporarily but now you don’t feel so alone, so defeated, you are able to handle it with a sense of detachment, a feeling of deep self-confidence and a very special feeling of “knowing” that all will be fine because you have the Lord on your side .

When you pray on a troubled situation, tell the Lord that your only desire is for “Justice”.  Which is really what you want, isn’t it? By asking for “Justice” you are asking the Lord to be the judge and inforcer.  Asking for “Justice” is a very unselfish way to ask the Lord to help you with a problem.

Wait….watch…..and  feel!…… the warmth of calmness starting in your gut and spreading to all extremities. Soon, you are witness to the situation changing, very  slowly. Or, there could be one act of something unexpected happening and the problem blows up in smoke, dissipating to the heavens- never to be heard of again. Soon you realize you’re experiencing a miracle!  The problem that has crushed you, almost ruining your life has vanished!

If you truly practice “unselfish” prayer and meditation  with all your heart I am positive the Lord will answer you.  Sometimes it takes a miracle to fix things , sometimes not. It may be only a change in circumstances that is the solution. My  practice is to pray and mediate daily. I keep in mind not to be selfish and pray for others just as much, if not more for, than myself. The Lord has never deserted me when I need him and call him to help me.

This meditation exercise is my own,  and it is not copied from anyone.  You are welcome to  try this or use what seems important to you.  Also, if what I say is helpful, please share it with others that may be struggling.

I always start my prayers with this saying I created:

“Dear Lord I pray for all those who can not or will not pray for themselves”.

It’s short and sweet, and gets the message across.   

 Thank you for your time spent in reading my blog.  Email me with questions if you have any.







I have a Humanities practice which is under the name of  “Sunspirit Enterprises”

I am a practicing Certified Life Path Consultant.  I  have helped many people focus into their issues and resolve them. 

Issues are not restricted to the Spiritual Senses, I also  do energy work and consulting  with persons suffering  from CHRONIC PAIN, family issues,  self-esteem issues, just about anything. If I feel you need something I can not offer, usually I can direct you to the correct source.

Blue Haven is a charitable Organization. I do not charge money to people who need help.

I offer my gifts freely in homage to my God, and Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Mother Mary.

 I only accept donations if the person is truly able to donate monies without hardship.

Donations are strictly used to pay website costs and other operational  costs.


 Blessing to you and Yours*


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