Gifts From Spirit……..

In the physical world we all have certain gifts in which we may do just as well, better or not, than someone else. I have always been a “Creative” person. Art has always been my refuse, a safe and wondrous “sandbox” to play in.

I have been thinking of posting a few images I have that are very special to me. These are from my menagerie of art projects. There are mostly images of the Doll characters I’ve created, then there are some jewelry pieces I’ve done also. I enjoy making dolls, or “Doffies” the best. “Doffies” are the basics of what my dolls are called. They originated in the East (Japan, Hong Kong, etc.). The dolls that I make, have bodies and heads bought from different doll companies throughout Asia, and the USA .

All items on the dolls (ex: jewelry, makeup, wigs) were handmade by myself. The doll’s clothes were contracted out to a very fine seamstress ( for I can not measure up to her beautiful threads).  A few of the doll’s glass eyes were also handmade (blown glass) by a brilliant eye crafts master in Asia.  Jewelry settings are mostly sterling silver. Sometimes I’ve used precious gems or real cameos in the doll’s jewelry pieces.

I never attended art classes. Whatever artistic ability I have is inborn. And, whatever artistic knowledge I have comes from  reading, researching, and taking risks (on paper that is). Most knowledge of my advanced techniques in Art come from intuitive sources. This gives me an uncanny ability to repair things, all types of things: toys, small electrical devices, kitchen ware, just for starters.  I also ventured into doing repairs on antiques. Such as Antique books, paintings, furniture, toys, and other items. There was not and is not anything I wouldn’t at least “try” to repair.

My intuition comes to the surface when I have my artist’s hat on. It is the most thrilling feeling when my intuition kicks in, it’s like having an “Ah-Ha” moment. Ah-Ha moments that can repeat frequently throughout the day. Imagine struggling with a problem and becoming real frustrated over it. Then taking a break to remove all the jumble in your head. As soon as I can relax enough to calm my mind and all the garbage in my head diffuses, there is a brief instant of “nothingness”, then,..“,..“a quiet note that sings only to me”  in my own sacred place. Then, “POP”!…… A thought, a concept, an emotion passes through me and flashes into my head.  It’s exactly what I need to resolve my dilemma. It’s miraculous! 

That’s the way it happens for me. The more I practice my prayers, solitude, and peaceful meditations the more abundant and clear my intuitions are. Also by modifying my diet and forming more regular sleep habits, the Spiritual Journey becomes a way of life. 

For me, it was a short step between “intuitive moments” to “premonitions”, but we’ll have to wait for another blog before I start on that subject.






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