Pearls of Wisdom…………..

 Pearls of Wisdom…………..


Did You Know…………

When you are having a bad dream all you have to do to get out of it is to close your eyes in the dream. When you do this, in any dream, you immediately wake up.

Try it! It works!

I believe this has to do with the Universal Law of “Duality”. Such as,  “as above so below”, or, with any opposites like: white- black,  above- below,  conscious- unconscious.

If you are conscious in the Astral Plane, you are dreaming.  If you are conscious on the Earth Plane you are awake. Make sense? Close your eyes in one plane of existence and wake up in the other one. Then how come we do not travel to the Astral World when we just close our eyes anytime?  It’s because one has to be in a dream, silly.  Of course there are some “Adepts” that are able to travel between planes of consciousness freely.

Please try this and let me know how it works for you. You just have to “remember” in your dream to shut your eyes, which may not be that easy for some people.

Personally, It has worked for me time and time again.