Memories of a small child……..

People do not readily believe me when I tell them that I can remember far back into my early childhood. I am talking about real early!.   Like the time my Dad and Mom were holding me at a standing position and telling me to come(walk) between them. I can distinctly remember looking down at my feet and seeing these HUGE hard white shiny shoes they put on me for the first time.  I remember their big smiles as I made wobbly “Frankenstein” foot steps between them back and forth. Also I remember, I wore an all matching  pink  outfit that had a large rimmed bonnet. This memory took place in the back yard of my grandmother’s house.

I wouldn’t say having a special gift, such as a “photographic memory ,”or even an excellent rote memory is always a blessing. First of all, it makes one’s head jammed packed full of thoughts. This,(and the fact that I’m an Aries) causes me to suffer from debilitating migraine headaches at times. My mind was always  on high-alert”.  I found myself with periods of heavy focusing, and other times I would just kind of “zone out”.  I was always  analyzing – analyzing-, everyone, every place, everywhere, but mostly, I analyzed myself.

During the 1960’s I was a teenager. Oh yes! the era of free love, free this, free that, …..yada…yada…yada- Right? Regardless, it was a great time to live and experience this period in history. I  believe those times  were more “spiritual” than “sexual”, but I guess that depends on who you ask.  Ok, I think you get the idea….I had a great capacity for memory and had a long memory back to my days as a very small child. Even before I had learned to talk my memory was holding tight. Most of the  dialogue in the story below I remember. One of my  brothers helped me piece the scenario together when I was old enough to understand. So here’s how things happened: 

Through_Days_of_GreyONE time I recalled a memory to my oldest brother about the first time my father met his real father (he was originally told his father was dead when he was a young boy), my brother said it was “IMPOSSIBLE” for me to remember that because I was only 2 yrs old when it happened. BUT I did !, I did remember! and I still do remember it no matter how old I  become!  So, to prove my point, I proceeded to tell my brother about this memory. I described to him the exact scene where our family had been. My father was holding my hand as we walked up to a house that I had never seen before.  There in the doorway was a tall white-haired man, as I looked at him then at my father,  I could see my father had tears in his eyes. My Dad said, “Dad?, daddy? …. I’m you’re son, I’m your son, William” The old white haired man said to my dad, “Willy, Willy Boy is that you?”. That was all the words that need be said. From that moment on there seemed to be no time gap between them.

They walked towards each other and they hugged one another. Both men were crying. Meeting his Dad for this first time was a life changing experience for my father. My Dad knew as a young boy he was adopted by a woman named “Ruby” whom he always called, “Mother”. He found out from his father that Yes, his mother did die  in his childbirth.  His father also told him that at that time he was alone,  had no other family, no support system, he didn’t know anything about caring for a baby.   His father went on to say he thought my Dad would be better off to be adopted and cared for by this woman that he and his past wife knew well. My Dad’s father told him he did not have the money nor the means to take care of him and his older brother, so they went to live with this single lady who must have taken good care of him because both boys loved her and treated her like gold all the way up to her death at age 90 yrs.

Yet, it soon was to be learned, there was also deception and mystery surrounding my Dad’s parents and his birth.   My Dad’s “Mother” always told him that his real dad was dead and that his mom had died when he was a baby.

Now here’s where the “mystery” comes to past. This whole incident took place in Florida, where my Dad’s adopted Mother lived. It just so happened after the family’s visit to his Mom’s house in Florida as we all were returning to the car, my Dad bumped into an  neighbor of his when he was a young lad. I don’t know how the subject came up, but, they got on the subject of My Dad’s Father. My Dad mentioned something about wishing his Dad was alive to see his grandchildren. The neighbor said to my Dad. “Hey Son! Your Daddy didn’t die, he lives only 2 streets over from here. I don’t know why “Ruby” (my Dad’s Surrogate Mother) would tell you he died.  My Dad got directions to his Dad’s house, we were off, and the next part of the story you already know. Talk about “timing”,  If my dad hadn’t, “by chance,” run into his old neighbor, he would not have known that his real Dad was alive.

 He weathered his storm……and forged ahead….

stormy sea with ship

Some Miracles happen in strange ways. When I had gotten older my Dad told me he NEVER expected anything like that to happen. He always had on his mind that he wished his father was alive. Yet he just let these thoughts swim out of his head because he thought his Dad was dead. My Dad didn’t pray to the Lord and ask for anything, yet if these strange circumstances didn’t happen as they did, he may have never known his father was alive and then to actually MEET HIM!….. WOW! Imagine getting something you secretly wanted to come true.

I believe this event in my Dad’s life happened thanks to “divine intervention“.  If my Dad hadn’t stopped to talk to his old neighbor he would not have known about, much less met, his father.

Most of us know one is not supposed to “ask for things” when in prayer or meditation. That is a hard thing to do when you’re “only human”.  Another Universal Law that also relates to this story is :

LET go and Let God“, meaning-  when you do need to ask the Lord for a specific action, you state your desire, then,  because of your faith in God ” throw these desires out the window”,  let go of them. BY this, you show your God tremendous faith as you  are entrusting God with your problem. “Things happen when you least expect them”,  but also ………”Miracles happen when you least expect them”.


Have you ever had an impossible wish for something in your life?  Did you pray to God about it?  What HAPPENED?   Did you get your wish?…….or Didn’t  you?

Sometimes  one has to be careful what they wish for, it may come true.  Did you ever wish for something that backfired? Please feel free to tell us about it.

We learn by sharing experiences!       God Bless!












Memories of a Small Child……

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